Part No: STR.04.06.000
Retail Price
The EVP is sold (complete) with two 24 VDC rechargeable batteries, 24V Charger, quick change (battery) holder, wiring harness and vacuum hose (6').

The use of other battery systems is not recommended and could lead to motor, wiring and mechanical
failures of the pump. While lithium-poly batteries may offer a weight advantage, they pose a true risk of fire.
Please contact Star Machine to discuss the application of alternate power sources.

The EVP operates (completely) separate from your existing (12/16 VDC) electrical system. To complete the EVP installation one 12V-40A normally open switch is also supplied to operate the pump. (We recommend switching the positive side) The pump is normally supplied with -12 A/N fittings manufactured from 7075. Call for optional fitting possibilities.

Activating the pump is presently (and recommended) done when the vehicle is pre-staged. In most cases at the same time the data recorder is switched on. This will guarantee the pump motors will receive the maximum available battery power.

The vacuum line connection to the engine is critical to the operation of the EVP. Drawing oil into the EVP may result in damage to the reeds. Care must be taken to baffle and/or separate the engine oil from the air drawn by the pump. More important to the performance of the pump is the sealing of the engine, the better the seal the higher the potential vacuum. If required, a regulator (STR.04.12.000) can be added directly to the pump.

ALL EVP Pumps and Retrofits from May 2019 forward. Will have a heat treated tool steel gear installed.
The heat treated gear #STR.18.09.025 can be purchased and installed on ANY Twin Motor Drives sold prior to the May 2019.