Standard Vacuum Pump

Standard Vacuum Pump

Part No: STR.03.01.000
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Manufactured from 6061-T6/651, aluminum, hard anodized then dyed black, this pump was designed to be small, light, reliable and efficient. Our Standard Pump will out flow and produce higher peak vacuum than any racing pump with a comparable chamber size.
Our intake and exhaust positions and internal porting are key to this pumps efficiency. The intake and exhaust ports are placed tangent to the rotor and are (internally) configured differently. While our competitors pumps are designed (and their efficiency compromised) to be run in either direction (cw/ccw) without changes, our pump must be disassembled and turned around. Our unique one piece shaft/rotor is proven to be lighter and more reliable than 2 piece (steel/aluminum) designs which are prone to fastener failure and key/keyway wear.

The rotor bearings are mounted outside the pump chamber with an additional seal on each bearing. This additional seal is required to achieve maximum vacuum potential and to eliminate the grease in the bearings from being "sucked" into the pump.

The pump housing, rotor and end cap have been hard anodized to eliminate wear.

All mating surfaces are o-ringed and secured with stainless hardware. Our intake/exhaust plate includes -12 AN fittings machined from 7075, as standard. In addition our regulator is mounted to this plate, eliminating the need to place (cut/weld) a regulator receptacle (bung) somewhere else on the engine. There are two major benefits to mounting our vacuum regulator directly to your pump. First, when the regulator set point is reached, ambient air is drawn directly into the pump helping it run cooler. And the other, by placing the regulator "outside" the crankcase area, the excess air the regulator is bypassing will no longer be passing thru the engine to the pump. It now flows directly into the pump, reducing the possibility of oil being scavenged from the engine.
Now that you have tightly sealed the engine to achieve vacuum in most cases there is no (sealed) provision to add engine oil. Check out our sealed Oil Fill Cap STR.09.08.000 (See: Products:Fittings/Hoses)

Mass as shown (with 24T composite pulley, reg. and AN fittings): 1270g/2.80lbs.
Mass as shown (with 24T aluminum pulley, reg. and AN fittings): 1318g/2.90lbs.
Mass (with 36T aluminum pulley, reg. and AN fittings): 1400g/3.08lbs.
Mass (with 36T composite pulley, reg. and AN fittings): 1320g/2.91lbs.

Mounting brackets, pulleys and regulator priced separately.

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